Miele S548 Champagne vacuum

Miele S548 Champagne vacuum

Miele S548 Champagne vacuum ratings, vacuum reviews and comparisons on the newest Miele canister vacuum cleaner with an SEB 217-2 electric powerbrush. Reports by consumer experts.

New for 2004! Miele's newest mid-size vacuum cleaner with a sleek gold metallic finish has a Miele Sealed Systemô similar to the Red Velvet, Solaris, and Blue Moon vacuums, and has earned certification for keeping virtually all allergens inside the vacuum cleaner. The SEB 217 Powerbrush carpet tool makes this vacuum best for mostly low to medium pile height carpet in a medium sized house, and the straight suction Parquet-2 floorbrush is gentle on all types of bare floors and one of the best in the industry. In addition, this Miele vacuum has an electrified direct connect wand for changing tools quickly without any external wires.

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The Miele Champagne Vacuum Cleaner is suitable for someone who...
  • Has mostly low to medium height carpets, some bare floors, upholstery and some scatter rugs
  • Wants a powerful, luxury class mid-size canister vacuum cleaner
  • Wants a powerbrush for deep cleaning of carpeting
  • Wants to change vacuum tools quickly without the hassle of external wires
  • Would like to rewind power cord easily with step on auto-rewind button
  • Wants superior HEPA filtration
  • Wants a lightweight mid-size canister vacuum

Features of the Miele Champagne Vacuum Cleaner

  • Active HEPA filter and sealed system: These vacuums - along with the Miele Red Velvet, Blue Moon, and Aluminium models - offer a filter vacuum bag system and airtight body that comply with the new European standard for air hygiene
  • Power and performance: Digitally displayed controls from 250 to 1200 watts, 2-fan high output motor; Airflow: 141 cubic feet per minute (66 L/sec); Suction: 100-inch column waterlift (25 kPa)
  • Automatic Power Setting: Miele has a unique "automatic" power setting which allows the vacuum to "sense" the suction power required
  • Included SEB217 Powerbrush: The electric powerbrush has a 10.5" wide brush roll with floating head design and swivel neck for excellent vacuum maneuverability, and useful for deep cleaning and restoring of crushed carpet nap on low to medium height pile carpets with moderate densities
  • Included Parquet-2 floor tool: Included with vacuum for all hardwood, tile, or vinyl floors. This is a straight suction floor tool 12" wide and 2.5" deep, with dual brush strips with extra long bristles; wheels between the brush strips typically don't touch the floor to protect hard surfaces
  • Integrated accessories onboard: 3 included tools useful for vacuum cleaning upholstery, shelves, baseboards and more. All are conveniently stored onboard the vacuum, just a hands-reach away under the ABS plastic casing.
  • Smart wand park system: Insert the lower clip on the floor brush into the slot on the end of the vacuum cleaner from above. The unit will switch off when the floor tool is secured into the slot and start again once the floor tool is removed.
  • Hygienic dust cover: Should the hose be removed for storage or carrying, a special hygiene cover can be closed to prevent odors or dust from escaping the vacuum dust bag compartment.
  • Large operating radius: Miele offers a generous 30 ft. (10 meters) area of use before you have to unplug the vacuum and move to another outlet.
  • Stability: The undercarriage has three high-quality, steel-mounted, smooth-running casters, making the Champagne Miele extremely stable. It can stand upright which is great for vacuuming stairs.
  • Quiet operation: Thanks to thoughtfully-designed motor suspension and unique motor seal, one can still hear the phone ringing or radio playing with the vacuum on.
  • Blower facility: The blower facility enables easy cleaning of awkward corners. Simply remove the filter and insert the hose into the special socket in the vacuum cleaner to blow dust out of nooks and crannies for subsequent vacuuming.
  • Ergonomic handle: The hand piece is designed to provide comfort while supporting a rotating hose that allows for 360° movements.
  • Thermal cut out indicator light: A thermostat prevents Miele vacuum cleaners from overheating. If something is stuck in the passage and blocks the flow of air, the vacuum will switch itself off automatically and the light will illuminate.
  • Unique exterior finish: Miele s548 benefits from Miele's state-of-the-art textured ABC plastic casing that is a scratch-resistant sleek gold metallic finish
  • Time saving auto-reverse cable rewind: With a quick push of a step button on the canister, the power cord quickly rewinds
  • Intensive Clean vacuum bags: These medium size 4.5 qt. fiber bags retain significantly far more tiny particles and allergens than conventional paper vacuum bags
  • User friendly vacuum features: View most features on all S500 & S600 Series Miele canister vacuums: Miele vacuum features group 1 - Miele vacuum features group 2
  • Optional vacuum tools: Miele vacuum has other optional tools, kits, replacement filters and bags

Technical specifications of the Miele Champagne Vacuum Cleaner

Canister Vacuum
Cleaner Models and Prices

Miele Champagne S548 HEPA Canister
Vacuum Cleaners w/Powerbrush
Vacuum uses
Wall to wall carpeting of low to medium height and moderate densities, bare floors, scatter rugs,
upholstery and pet hair
Type of vacuum
Midsize canister
Motor (watts)
Airflow (cfm - cubic feet per minute)
141 CFM

Vacuum wand

SET210: Stainless steel telescopic wand with direct connection with 2 point parking system , Internal electrical wiring, Fingertip power controls
Radius of use
30 feet (10 m)
Pre motor filter
Included standard vacuum filter
ACTIVE S Class HEPA captures 99.97% of particles small as .3 microns

Vacuum maneuverability

3 wheels and hose swivel 360°F

Suction adjustment

6 position electronic controls on wand

Indicator lights on vacuum

Dust bag change
Included standard vacuum carpet tool
Motorized powerbrush SEB217-2
Smooth floor brush:
Standard is 11" wide with rubber wheels and soft bristles; Parquet-2 brush is 12" wide with extra long soft bristles
Straight suction parquet-2 included - 12" wide with extra long soft bristles
Wand park feature
Number of integrated vacuum tools
3 - upholstery tool, crevice nozzle, dusting brush
Standard hose
SES118 Electric - direct connect

Replacement vacuum dust bags

Type FJM Intensive Clean, 4.5 quart capacity

Vacuum dimensions

19"L x 9.25"W x 8"H

Miele vacuum warranty

1 year on Miele vacuum parts and labor; 5 years on motor parts and labor

Reports by consumer experts on the Miele Champagne Vacuum Cleaner
Courtesy of Allergy Buyers Club.com

  • Superior HEPA filtration: Miele Champagne vacuums are independently certified to be true HEPA sealed vacuum cleaner systems, not just certified HEPA filters. This means the dust and other allergens that you vacuum will stay in the appliance where they belong instead of exhausting into the air as in some other vacuum cleaners. The dust bags seal automatically when removed from the vacuum as well.
  • Easy to use direct connect powerbrush: This SEB 217-2 Powerbrush is better than the SEB 213-2 Powerbrush (the one on the Miele Solaris Electro) because there are no external wires. When you attach it, all electrical connections are made automatically. Removing it is just as easy.
  • Change tools and brushes quickly with direct connect wand: This feature is our favorite and we thought we needed to explain its benefit to you. Miele gave the Champagne vacuum cleaner a fully electrified direct hose connection which makes it easier to switch between tools and brushes than with the lower priced Miele vacuum cleaners. You don't need to wrestle with wires or plugs when you connect or disconnect the powerbrush. All of the electrical wiring is included inside the hose. It excels in user convenience and ease of use.
  • Telescopic wand: These vacuum cleaners from Miele all come with telescopic 14 inch adjustable wands. Telescopic means that you can easily adjust the length of the wand to the task or space that you are cleaning. We love the flexibility that this feature gives.
  • Full bag indicator: Takes the guesswork out of knowing when to change the vacuum bag
  • Retractable cord: We like that you can step on the canister button and the power cord will automatically retract
  • Improved power: The newer Miele vacuums have been given a pre-filter and hose with increased width which provides more cleaning power than in older Miele vacuum models (140 CFM vs. 130 CFM). This Miele vacuum cleaner still operates much quieter than most other comparable non Miele vacuums.
  • Improved dusting brush tool: longer bristles and more adjustment positions (even one for overhead cleaning)
  • Surge protected motor: Miele changed the way the motors power on in the Solaris and Moon vacuums so they now power on like a computer, gradually so as to protect against power surges.
  • Easy Access Onboard Tools: 3 tools live in a tool caddy on the canister. Intuitively easy to change, and all worked well. The dusting brush was improved with longer bristles and more adjustment positions. It is soft enough even for your most delicate antique furniture. We found we could change the tools on the fly and vacuum all those hard to reach places - picture rails, baseboards, pleated lampshades, upholstery and all sorts of nooks and crannies.
  • 360 ° Maneuverability: All testers found this machine lightweight and its 360° swivel technology with 3 casters under the canister made changing directions and accessing awkward spots a real breeze.
  • Wand park system: Which allows the powerbrush to rest upright against the Miele cleaner when not in use, facilitating neat storage. The hose park feature is a system for more stability when you are not using the vacuum cleaner. If you "park" the powerbrush on the canister it will pause the power to the machine until you "unpark" it. This ease of use feature is helpful when you are interrupted.
  • Canister bumper guard protects furniture: Miele widened of the rubber canister bumper guard and lowered it on the vacuum cleaner which really served to protect our furniture while we moved it from place to place.


  • Upholstery tool: One of the testers, vacuuming pet hair off dark upholstery cushions with the standard upholstery tool said it did a pretty good, but not a perfect job. To do a really good job you would need to add the optional hand turbobrush (listed below) which easily removes pet hair from upholstery.
  • Small dust bags: The bags are relatively small because of the on board tools taking up space on the canister, and we needed to change them every 2-3 weeks. If you want larger vacuum bags you will have to consider a full size vacuum cleaner like the Miele Blue Moon.

Summary: The Champagne HEPA vacuum cleaner has the same award winning design as the S500 series models, with a direct connect wand, and filter change indicator light - features found in a superior vacuum and are not available on the Miele Solaris vacuum cleaners. Miele's superior vacuum seal, powerful 2-fan motor, fully electrified wand and HEPA certification make this one a keeper. This luxury class vacuum met all of our expectations, and its stylish gold metallic finish is hard to pass up.

HEPA Vacuum Cleaners - Compared & Reviewed - Courtesy of Allergy Buyers Club

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